Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop


It seems it is not possible to host multiple meetings for a user at the same time based on below document.

We are creating instant meetings and after creating first instant meeting. Even we leave first meeting and try to create another instant meeting we cannot.

As a work around, one user can join multiple meetings same time based on this

I couldn’t find on the portal above setting. I logged in to portal as “ADMIN” privilege but this setting is not there. Can you help?

Hi okan,

Thanks for the post. Are you looking for the setting “Join Multiple Meetings Simultaneously on Desktop”? As mentioned in the link you shared, the setting is located in ADMIN > Account Management > Account Settings > Meeting > In Meeting(Basic):

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply.
For some reason it is not there or there is a privilege issue some sort.

When I go to page link.

See attached screenshot.

Hi okan,

Thanks for the reply. It is strange that your account does not have this option. You may need to contact our official support or your contact with us to debug it on your account. I really want to help but this is out of the scope of what I could do. Here is the link to reach out to our support:


Just sharing that setting is also not appearing for me either (the setting to allow simultaneous meetings on same machine)…a work around seems to be to use incognito tabs in browser but would like to use client if this can be addressed that would be great.


Hi dsaccocio,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thanks for sharing this. It is recommended to contact our support to have a look at the account setting in this case. The experts at Zoom support will be able to help you.


Was anyone able to solve the issues of the missing button (simultaneous meetings on the same account)? I’ve tried calling support but the wait is long at the moment and this setting is not appearing on my account either. Thanks!

Hi elizabeth.moore,

Thanks for the post and using Zoom SDK. I really would like to help you with this if I could but I do not have any visibilities or permissions to help you on your account. The experts at Zoom support would be able to help you. Due to the recent demanding needs on getting the support, it is expected to have some delay in getting the support. Pardon the inconvenience.