Join meeting Without any User

Platform : iOS
SDK : MobileRTC Version: 5.0.1 (24433.0616)
Question : How to join a meeting using
MobileRTCMeetError response = [service joinMeetingWithJoinParam:joinParam];
This method,

This Link shows the way to Join a meeting without log in, but there is a requirement of UserId to request a Zoom Access token.

We have a case where the user need not to login to SDK and as well as not be a registered user in Zoom but still should be able to Join meeting in iOS Client SDK

Hey @iosjamesanderson

Thanks for your question!

Unfortunately, that documentation is outdated and we are working to have it updated soon.

To join a meeting without the user logging in, you need to provide your developer account email into the endpoint parameter for userID to obtain a ZAK. Once the ZAK is obtained you can provide it as a parameter when joining a meeting.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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