Joining meeting timeout

Hi there,

could you please confirm webSDK is not working if the meeting is created by a free account ?
i’m trying it and get this “join timeout” everytime.


Hi @serdarkaksi

What account type do you have Free or Pro? Are you using you PMI or newly generating meetings?

@VincentV Please upgrade to a Pro account. We’re having issues with Free accounts using the WebSDK?

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Thanks Michael, but I don’t want to pay for a pro account to developp a website for one of my client.
I will check with my client if they can share their pro account.


I upgrade my account to pro version with montly payment 15$ I hope this will fix my problem otherwise I have to demand refund.

I have the same problem over here. It started when it was here (Germany) just past midnight and the meeting i was trying to connect to was hosted in Canada, which is 6 h behind. So i was at a different day than the hosted meeting. Before midnight everything just worked fine. We suspect that might have caused a problem. Right now its here and there the same day (here 1PM, over there 7am) and i’m connected without an issue. Might be worth to have a look.

Hi there

I got this error if I init webSDK with the same email address (userEmail) that my zoom account email address. It makes sense.
Using any other userEmail it works as expected.

can someone give me example of the javascript code used ?

I now have a pro account, but still have timeout when trying to joing a meeting with a non-registered user using webSDK

No more information, juste time out joining session

Is there a way to test the signature to see if it’s valid ?


it’s not working even using the sample provided in github (with API key and secret put in the JS directly for tests), nor my personnal development.
same error on both

should I also send a ticket to support as i now have pro account ? we have a big meeting in 2 weeks and need webSDK to work

i’m base in Paris, France, using the timezone of Paris for both creating the meeting and generating the signature, if this may help.


problem solved, I used the API_KEY in account settings, but finaly, creating a develop JWT app gave me other API_KEY/Secret _key and this one is working.

Well this is a new pro account just created so I’m sure i didn’t had any

you can just go to, sign in and then click manage on the top to get all the existing app
select the corresponding APP, and click on APP credentials, you will see your current key, you can also generate there a new secret key if needed

or when you choose “Build app” in the develop menu, you directly have the “view here” link

Hi @serdarkaksi,

You would use the JWT Key/Secret within the sample web app. Be sure that the account is a Pro account and you’re not using your PMI and using a newly scheduled meeting. Are you using the sample web app and which meeting IDs are you using that is getting this error?


I managed to make it work also with my free account, so the process is the same and it’s working correctly

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Hey @serdarkaksi,

Please email your Web SDK Signature to so we can help debug.


Dear @serdarkaksi

where are you taking the API KEY from ?
if it’s the one from settings, it’s not working.
you need to go to the marketplace, sign-in, choose the develop menu at the top and pick “Create APP” then you should create a JWT app which will create the correct API KEY and SECRET


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That’s correct, so I assume your signature is wrong or the way you init and join the meeting.

i’m using it everyday, for both free and pro account and no issue at all

Is there a tutorial on how to get the signature from herokuapp?

Hey @kadriko06,



Hey @serdarkaksi,

Please email your Web SDK signature to so we can debug.


I am facing the same issue on Zoom Web SDK - 1.7.8
Joining meeting timeout. Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

I am using CDN for the dependencies and NodeJs for generating the signature all thing is working fine. I am able to join as Attendee but when i try to host it shows this error.
Here is the error:-
errorCode: 1
errorMessage: undefined
method: “join”
result: null
status: false

and also it is working fine with some meeting Ids
Here is site link

Please Help

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