Joining meeting with encrypted password - embed_password_in_join_link

We have an app that allows hosts to create zoom meetings, and users to join these zoom meetings all directly from our app using the Zoom API.

We want to ensure our users can join a meeting as easily as possible (preferably without needing to manually enter a password). I understand the host’s settings need to have embed_password_in_join_link enabled in order for attendees to join without manually entering a password. However, in the case that the host has this embed_password_in_join_link field disabled, we need to catch for this.

We have the following solutions but want to get your opinion on the best method, or if there is a better approach for this:

  1. Get user settings before creating each meeting. If embed_password_in_join_link is disabled, update user settings to enable it. Create meeting. Update user settings back to it’s original state. The drawback to this is it requires another the user:write scope we don’t currently have. Every existing user will likely have to re-oauth with zoom to provide this extra scope, right? Does this render all of our access/refresh tokens invalid if we add this scope?

  2. Add column to our db that indicates if password is required for the meeting. Get user settings before creating each meeting. If they have embed_password_in_join_link disabled, mark that password is required for the meeting in our db. In this case, we would need to provide password in our app for this condition. Drawback to this is it will introduce a lot more logic, code and UI considerations for our app.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @neecholai,

Great question. In your scenario 1, I should clarify that if you need to add a new scope to your app (user:write), you’re correct in that all existing users will need to re-authenticate:

If you’re going for the least user-impact, I think option 2 would be less obtrusive, understanding that this creates more work for you.

Let me know if you have additional questions I can help with.


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