JS SDK Computer Audio Crossbrowser Support


Hi, I’ve been playing around the with JS SDK recently in the hopes of integrating it with our apps. I’m really glad that you’ve added support for webinars, this is huge for our use case; however, the lack of web audio support across major browsers is a big turn off for us.

I’d like to know if that will be coming anytime soon?


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Hi @TimedRight_Webinar_A,

Thanks for using our JS SDK! The lack of audio support for web is mainly due to browser defects in which will cause meetings/webinars audio degradation. As soon as the browsers fix the bug on their end we will enable it.



I see, thanks for the update. Which browser API do you use to support web audio that has these issues?


Hi @TimedRight_Webinar_A,

Here is a list of browsers that we support - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/Web-Client-SDK/getting-started/prerequisites.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear; what I meant to ask is not which browsers you support, but which browser API (eg: web audio API, or ASM support, etc. - you could consider this a “browser feature” if you’d like) is causing the performance issues. The reason I ask is that if you can let me know that information, I can find out what the status for supporting these features is for various browsers and get a better sense of timelines for this support.

I guess, what I’d like to know is, can you point me towards technical details of the browser bugs that are causing the audio issues for you so I can get a sense of their status with the browser vendors. Or if you are able to ask a dev who would be able to give a more detailed technical answer I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your support.


Hi Michael, just wanted to touch base to see if there was any update on this issue?


Hi @TimedRight_Webinar_A,

The feature that is not supported by these browsers is Audio Worklet. Without that, the audio will have poor quality. You can check this link https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/12/audio-worklet to determine when this feature will be supported by their perspective browser.



Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for the helpful feedback! Really appreciate it.