JWT app connects as BASIC user instead of PRO and cannot setup webinars

I have a zoom account with different zoom-users, 2 of them have PRO-license
I created a JWT credentials on zoom, and gave them + the zoom account number to my developers.

When they setup the app, it connects as one of the BASIC users and not as a PRO user,
so when they setup a webinar it responds 400 and when they setup a meeting it has 40-min limit.

As a confirmation of the issue: when they create the room from api, the default name that is assigned to the host is the name assigned to the BASIC-USER instead of the default of the PRO user.

How to solve?

Hi @v.tonelli.

Can you confirm that when you’re creating meetings via API, you’re passing the a licensed userId/email in the request URL? Note that the user you specify in the Create Meeting request URL will be the meeting under whom the meeting is scheduled. If that user doesn’t have a license, the restrictions you mentioned will apply.

Let me know if this might be the case,

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