JWT app deprecation and migration

I am using the Android and the Web SDK for Zoom Meeting. I had chosen this option while creating the apps.

I had not chosen the JWT option, but still I received the below mail.

I know that JWT apps will be deprecated from June 1, 2023, and a migration is required for the functioning of the apps. But do I need to migrate from SDK to Server-to-Server too?

Hi @samudraganguly002017

If you are not using a JWT app you should be good with your SDK app
Is there a case where you are using a JWT app type for something else ?

Let me explain the situation. I have chosen the SDK option (as you can see in the screenshot). But, still I received the mail for migration. Now, in my dashboard, I can see it is written in JWT app option, “You already have an app”. So, I am a bit worried.

I would like to mention another point. For creating the signature in web app, I have used Flask backend and in that, I have used pyjwt to create the encoded signature.

Hi @samudraganguly002017
Can you verify that in your code you are NOT using the credentials associated with your JWT app? these would be API key and API secret

I am quite sure that I have used SDK key and SDK secret in my code. Although I have used the pyjwt module to encode my signature, as I have mentioned.