JWT app deprecation and migration

I am using the Android and the Web SDK for Zoom Meeting. I had chosen this option while creating the apps.

I had not chosen the JWT option, but still I received the below mail.

I know that JWT apps will be deprecated from June 1, 2023, and a migration is required for the functioning of the apps. But do I need to migrate from SDK to Server-to-Server too?

Hi @samudraganguly002017

If you are not using a JWT app you should be good with your SDK app
Is there a case where you are using a JWT app type for something else ?

Let me explain the situation. I have chosen the SDK option (as you can see in the screenshot). But, still I received the mail for migration. Now, in my dashboard, I can see it is written in JWT app option, “You already have an app”. So, I am a bit worried.

I would like to mention another point. For creating the signature in web app, I have used Flask backend and in that, I have used pyjwt to create the encoded signature.

Hi @samudraganguly002017
Can you verify that in your code you are NOT using the credentials associated with your JWT app? these would be API key and API secret

I am quite sure that I have used SDK key and SDK secret in my code. Although I have used the pyjwt module to encode my signature, as I have mentioned.

Thank you for sharing that knowledge. I had the same problem so it was solved @elisa.zoom

So, if I have chosen the SDK option to begin with, and I am using SDK key and secret, why does my dashboard show that I have a JWT app?

Hi @samudraganguly002017
The reason why you have a JWT app is that all accounts have one JWT app associated with their account.
We are encouraging developers to Not use this app type since we are going to deprecate it

Hi @elisa.zoom, I have not selected the JWT app type. As I have already mentioned, I have selected SDK and using the SDK key and secret (in both Android and Web). It is still showing that I have a JWT app. Can you kindly say what I should do? How can I migrate from JWT to SDK if I have not selected JWT in the first place?

Hi @samudraganguly002017 If you have not selected or created a JWT app type, then you do not have to take any actions

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