JWT User Token App, not Admin

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As described in Persistent non-admin credentials? - #6 by MaxM

I’ve written a small script that helps me in my day to day, it hits the POST /users/{userID}/meetings API to generate a valid meeting ID and copies the result to my pasteboard. This lets me paste a new valid meeting ID anywhere I might want one.

As a developer, I would like to be able to interact with the Zoom API in scripts as my own user account. Presently, the easiest way to script zoom is to use JWT credentials generated from an API key + secret. However, you can only get api-key/secrets for your account as a whole, so on a corporate account that means that your API key is for an admin account rather than an individual user account. This means it’s impossible to write a simple script that interacts with the Zoom API without giving the author admin access to your account.

Describe the solution you’d like
I’d like it if it were possible for an admin to generate API keys for arbitrary users. So that as an individual user I could write a script that used JWTs to make requests to the API that only had access to my account.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
As is, for security’s sake, I should probably write a small demon that runs in the background and uses OAuth to auth, and it refreshes the token so long as it’s running. However, that’s a pretty high amount of work for the small script I have written so far.

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