Kernel panic on 5.11.3

Zoom Apps Configuration
React app, MacOS, Zoom Version 5.11.3

We’ve been experiencing recurring incidences of the Zoom desktop client crashing on our customer’s and our machines when interacting with our Zoom App.

In each case the user was on Zoom version 5.11.3 and on a Mac.

Yesterday we shared the app to several people within an organization and upon opening in Guest Mode their Zoom clients all crashed.

Today after inviting someone to the app that they had already installed, their Zoom client lagged then hard crashed (see screenshot below of kernel panic):

Is there any insight internal to Zoom to suggest elevated crashes with 5.11.3? Are any other developers noticing similar issues?

Thanks for sharing this, does this happen only when entering guest mode? Likewise, is this reproducible with any app that uses guest mode or are you only seeing it with the app in development?