Keyboard shortcut to toggle on/off "Spotlight Host"

Would LOVE a global keyboard shortcut to “Spotlight/Remove Spotlight of Host” so I can program it into my Streamdeck.

I teach fitness classes over Zoom.

I start each call in Gallery View to foster that feeling “we’re all here doing this together, supporting each other”. Of course not everyone may have Gallery View turned on at their end, but that’s another story.

Once I start teaching, I Spotlight my video (I’m the host) for the duration of teaching. At the end of class, I like to remove the Spotlight so we can all see each other again before leaving.

I have a Streamdeck programmed with various Zoom global keyboard shortcuts, but sadly there isn’t a shortcut for toggling “Spotlight/Un-Spotlight Host”. It’s a small detail that would really make my classes flow more smoothly so I don’t have to reach for the mouse, since I am usually standing 4-7 feet from the computer/camera but have the Streamdeck within an arm’s reach.