Spotlight my video button for Host Only

In our scenario the Host act like a control room sending audio, video and images via obs and virtual webcam.
When the relator call a media source is necessary to spotlight the video for everyone.
If no one is raising hands is not a problem, simply right click on the thumbnail and spotlight, but if partecipants raising hands or start to talk the gallery scroll and become difficult to spotlight the host video signal quickly.

As a workaround i’ve tried to send always a 16kHz sinewave to zoom mike input, select spotlight my video when i’m talking in option, and triggering the video with mute/unmute button, but after an hour
approximately this solution stop working inexplicably. The file still play, but the zoom input meter show no signal.

As a solution I suggest to:

Add a “Spotlight my video” button somewhere in the interface


Add “Spotlight my video” in the contextual menu of the exiting Video On/Off button (I believe this is the fastest possibility to implemente)


Add a keyboard shortcut

This options would be visible to the Host Only.

Thank’s so much for the support