Need Clarity about App Installation Process and Landing Page versus Marketplace

Confused by App Installation Process and whether I should create an app that is installed by a Landing Page versus from the Marketplace

Which App?
App is currently in development

I’m currently developing a Zoom Marketplace app that will allow for interview scheduling with a Zoom Meeting Link. In my case, this is an Admin app, so a Zoom Admin would perform the OAuth flow. For such apps:

  1. Does an Admin both have to click “Install” in the Zoom Marketplace followed by going into our App and performing an OAuth flow? Or is it sufficent to just perform the OAuth flow as a Zoom Admin from our web app?

  2. I’m still unclear as to whether we should provide a Landing Page Link or have users install from the Marketplace. Is there a clear reason to do one or the other?

Hey @anayini,

Checkout the description between the two in our docs:

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


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