LaunchAppInMeeting not working as expected

Errors with launchAppInMeeting

The joinUrl seems to be ignored and it’s always creating a new meeting.

How exactly is this method working?

Also, are there other alternative ways to launch a meeting? It would be nice to just pass the id and the passcode instead of passing a joinURL

A payload would also be nice with this method. So that we can pass a custom message to the instance of the app in the meeting that will start.

In my testing the meeting provided in the joinURL is what was opened by that function.

What version of the Zoom Client and Zoom Apps JS SDK are you using?



Turns out that I had joinUrl instead of joinURL.

it’s working now, but I wish that there was some message returned saying invalid / missing options were passed in. Would have saved me a bunch of time.

Any plans to implement a payload, similar to the action payload in the deeplink method?