Pass params when calling launchAppInMeeting

Zoom Apps Configuration
We’re developing a Zoom App with React frontend app and NodeJS/AWS Lambda as backend. For authentication we offer users to sign in with their existing Google or Microsoft 365 accounts.

Our main use case is conducting calls with the app started alongside. To initiate the call we use a Zoom Apps SDK function:
await zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL: joinUrl })

I am wondering if we can pass any params besides Zoom’s meeting link passed within the joinUrl variable? I would like to pass our own meeting ID to the app so it could pull the right metadata from our app’s backend.

Thank you,

This isn’t really answering your question, but you could pass any data to the app in meeting with postMessage() after configuring zoomSdk and connecting the meeting and the main client instances. For example, like this:


  capabilities: [
  version: "0.16.11",
  .then(({ runningContext }) => {

    // Be ready to send the data from the main client
    if (runningContext === "inMainClient") {
      const sendData = () => {
        zoomSdk.removeEventListener("onMessage", sendData);
      zoomSdk.addEventListener("onMessage", sendData);

    // On the inMeeting side:
    if (runningContext === "inMeeting") {
      // Once connected:
      const connectHandler = () => {
        zoomSdk.removeEventListener("onConnect", connectHandler);
        // Store the data
        const storeData = msg => {
          zoomSdk.removeEventListener("onMessage", storeData);
          YOUR_DATA_IN_MEETING = msg.payload;
        // Listen for message from the main client and be ready to store the data
        zoomSdk.addEventListener("onMessage", storeData);
      // Listen for and start connection
      zoomSdk.addEventListener("onConnect", connectHandler)

  .catch(err => console.error(err));

Disclaimer: this is very crude, untested and assumes a bunch of things, but should illutstrate the point.