Launching meeting from browser fails using SSO login and authentication_domains

We have implemented SSO for our company and we are using it without any problems on desktop clients.
Our users log into zoom through a portal using SSO and then the client is launched from the browser and they access the meetings. The meetings have enforce_login and they are restricted to a single domain.
This works perfect on windows and linux clients, but on android, the user goes through the same login process, the meeting launches but the android zoom app displays an alert box stating that the meeting is restricted to certain users only.
Are there any special parameters that need to be set when launching the zoom app from the android browser?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi zoomucema,

Thanks for the post. It looks like you are facing issues with our Zoom client. This forum is for questions regarding Zoom SDK thus I might not be the best person to speak with regarding the issue you are facing. Please contact the Zoom Client support at and one of the Zoom client experts will be happy to help you.


Thank you, Carson. We’ve already tried contacting support but we haven’t received an answered yet, and since this is a developers forum including the Android SDK, somebody might know from the Android app’s side the proper way to launch the meetings.
It’s also hard when there is no category for the SSO implementation which also has some level of complexity, there is no abundant documentation and requires development to implement.
Thanks anyway!

Hi zoomucema,

Thanks for the reply. Due to the recent demands, Zoom support will take a longer time to respond. Would appreciate your understanding.

For Android SDK, we offer interfaces for SSO login:, and the interface is expecting an SSO token. The actual deep linking and passing the SSO credentials to SDK part need to be handled by the developer.

Regarding the SSO login with Zoom Client, I found some documentation that might be helpful for you:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

We have upgraded from 4.6 to 5.0.0, after the upgrade the SSO issue appear and the only workaround is to reinstall the app. Would you mind to share the root cause or are you aware about this behavior?

Hi @lareza.karl,

Thanks for the post. It seems like your question is related to Zoom client, in which I do not have any visibilities. This forum is for Marketplace Apps. Please contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.