Limit on User Creation and changing from Free to Premium license


I am building an app for teachers to host live classes for their students. Some of these meetings can be < 40 mins and some of them can go above the limit. I had some questions regarding the same:

  1. User Creation - Users will login in our app using phone number OTP. Should we create a separate zoom user for each user in our app? Can this be done programmatically with zoom apis ie. without requiring a confirmation email?

  2. Premium Licenses and changing from Free to Premium - We don’t want to buy licences for all our users. So what we were thinking is to buy some number of licences (say 50) and when the teacher starts a meeting attach a licence to the teacher and detach after the meeting is over. This way it will be possible to have 50 concurrent > 40 min meetings. Is this possible using the zoom apis - to change a licence of a user and start a meeting immediately (basically converting from Free user to Licensed user instantly just as the user clicks on Going Live)

  3. Any other solution that we can use to build these features?

Thanks and regards

Hey @studyroom,

Great questions—happy to clarify.

First, regarding user creation, I should note that email is a required field for all Zoom users and it’s not possible to avoid the confirmation email requirement.

Second, it’s definitely possible to buy a limited amount of licenses and manage them via API. Generally, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a user or update a User via one of these endpoints:
  2. POST Create User
  3. PATCH Update User
  4. For either of these endpoints, to apply a license, pass the appropriate value (2) to the type field:
  5. (Optional) Once the user is created, update their features via their User Settings:
  6. PATCH Update User Settings

Let me know if this helps!


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