List Historical detail reports not showing info


We have created an app camper_cs, with the right scope: contact_center_report:read:admin . Get the token properly via the OAUTH2 authentication.

But when we try to get the /contact_center/analytics/historical/details/metrics is always empty.

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJzdiI6IjAwMDAwMSIsImFsZyI6IkhTNTE...........' \

We have tested almost every filter with any result.

Are we doing something wrong?

Kind Regards.

@tin ,

At first glance, the request seems fine. Have you tested it with different endpoints to see if a response is returned?

Thanks for the Answer Donte

Yes I have info for 2 reports.



But none for :


You want to add the channel parameter to the request:

Here is an example API Request:

List historical detail reports

Hello Donte,

Thanks for the reply! No response info.

The response is

“next_page_token”: “”,
“page_size”: 10,
“from”: “2024-02-25T00:00:00Z”,
“to”: “2024-02-26T23:59:59Z”,
“timezone”: “UTC”

@tin ,

Have you verified that data for those dates is available via the web portal?

Also, test different date timeframes to verify if the endpoint is working as expected. It appears you have only tried for the last 24 hours.

Hello Donte!

Solved, we have info for January not for the dates we are “quering”

Kind Regards!

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Wonderful, @tin! Glad you were able to solve the behavior you were seeing.

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