Live streaming language issues when using interpretation

We have just done a webinar with 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic) and we streamed live to facebook live.

All went well, but we noticed the audio feed to facebook was the original “floor” language and not the language the host is listening to (i.e English) Therefore, the feed was useless unless you spoke 5 languages and only had limited participation. If the meeting is in one language, it is not a problem.

Solution: Change this live streaming audio to be able to be whatever the host hears, so if pick English, we hear the English interpreter?

Or is their another solution?

Yup Collin, this is definitely an issue, but there is a workaround. What I do to send my interpretation to Facebook live, Youtube, etc is to capture the interpretation (on a second computer) using OBS. Then you can use a restreaming service (e.g., etc.) to restream from OBS to Facebook Live, Youtube, etc. That way Facebook, youtube, etc. will show the intended language on the live transmission instead of the floor language. It’s a little bit more work but it is possible.

Hope this helps,