Livestream stops when participant leaves meeting

I’m working on a APP the allows livestream to a custom service.

When the first participant in the meeting leaves the meeting and they happen to be the only participant, the stream stops. Subsequent participants cannot get the “Meeting is being livestreamed” prompt after joining.

This is happening even though we have not stopped the stream via the API.

The only way to get the stream to start again is by making a new request to the zoom API to start the stream.

I need to stream to not stop when the first participant leaves the meeting.

What am I missing :thinking:?

Hi @albert.agram , if they are the only participant, does that mean there is no host present?

@gianni.zoom thats correct. In this case there is no host present and they’re the only participant.

@albert.agram For the most consistent behavior at this time, there needs to be at least one participant present at all times in order for the meeting/livestream to continue uninterrupted. Without this, the meeting returns to “not started” state. To confirm, you’re able to restart the livestream with the new API request with no participants in the meeting? What do see?

Correct. I am able to restart the stream with no participant present. With the stream already started I wasn’t expecting it to stop when the only participant in the meeting leaves :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the explanation @gianni.zoom !

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