Load Testing as the Meeting Owner

We’ve created a Zoom bot that joins meetings after being granted a recording access token via the API (Zoom Meeting API).

We want to load test our server that hosts the bots, but I’m not able to create multiple meetings without the owner of that meeting join the meeting first to start it (in our use case, the meeting bot is not the owner of the meeting).

The meetings for this load test are all created by the same user, so starting mutliple instances of Zoom doesn’t seem possible since once I login to Zoom from another instance, the previous one gets kicked out.

Is there a way around this?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Hi @tyler ,

another method of testing would require creating meetings from free accounts.

Is there a way to create free accounts via the API? We want to eventually automate this for a large number of users, so having that would be useful.

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