Local testing with multiple clients not working

I don’t know what happened but the experience of running multiple zoom apps on one client is not working anymore.

First off, opening a second zoom client logs me out of my initial zoom clients and initiates SSO. Which is not at all the ideal behaviour.

Second, I keep getting an invalid passcode message when trying to get into a meeting.

@RostislavR Did this start happening with a recent version of the client or is this the behavior you’ve seen from the start?

Likewise, when the passcode fails, have you confirmed the client is using the expected account?

@MaxM The password fail happened and then seemed to pass in a few hours. I am unclear about what was causing the issue. But I’m not sure what you mean about using the expected account.

I started a meeting with one zoom client and then tried to join the meeting with 3 other zoom accounts on the same device. 2 were able to join and the third kept giving invalid passcode errors.

as far as being logged out, I am still being logged out all the time. I use google auth for my zoom account and as soon as a new zoom app opens, it kicks me out of the first account, and even kills the meeting.

For this to work, I need to open up all the zoom clients and log out of all of them. And then log in to the main zoom client and start the meeting.

Still has lasting issues as now calendar links open up as zoom3 instead of the main zoom.us application.