Lock/pin the grid view of participants, so that when participants logout, the grid views doesnt rearrange for the host

This is maybe strange to request, but it is of great importance for our meditation class:
when people suddenly logout (for different reasons) during the meditation class, the grid view of participants for the teacher rearranges. It is important for the host to have the same lineup, the same setup of the participants for the hosts gridview.

Is there a way to pin the participants window for the host, so that if anyone logs out, it will not affect the lineup for the host.

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Hey @benjaminwold,

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Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to handle the re-arranging of views in a gallery view. The closest thing to this behavior would be spotlighting users to keep them on the screen.

However, you can submit a feature request here: Feedback - Zoom


Thank you so much for the reply sir!

I have added an request now.


What @Michael_Condon has said is true for vanilla UI clients, but if you go to custom UI mode to create an app to deploy for your main talent to manage your classes, you could theoretically build a custom “forced” view just for them that could get you what you need.

Thank you very much for reply.

That sounds terrible advanced for me.

Any suggestions on how to go about it?

Hey @benjaminwold,

You are using the Zoom Windows application and not the Zoom Windows SDK correct?


ahh, sorry I missed that, thought we were looking at vanilla SDK.

Would be a cool custom UI app though!

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Sounds like a new business opportunity for ya :wink:

Dear Miachael

Yes, that is correct.



Is there a way to add this feature by for example hiring someone?

This is a very much needed feature!

Hey @benjaminwold,

Unfortunately, we cant support finding developers or hiring efforts on this forum.


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