Lost admin access to Marketplace app

I developed this app using m**@***.com. I made this account as a free account to write this integration a few years ago. Earlier this year, the company I work for added my account to their paid account (under d**@***.com). Ever since they added my account to their account, I seem to have lost admin privileges on the production T***l Zoom app, and the dev T***l app disappeared completely. How can I regain access to the production T***l admin pages so I can finish this 2 year updated security review? I went over all of the permissions related to my user (m**@****.com) with our devops, and he said I have all the permissions I should need. I do not see the credentials, or the TDD sections anymore.

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I’m the Zoom Admin for this account, and i have tried to file a support ticket for this issue #17384686 i hope it will get resolved quickly…


Hello, Please refer to your DM for further instructions on resolving this issue.

Regards, Kwaku