LTI Pro problem on site refreshed on each semester (using Moodle)

First of all we use moodle as LMS and have integrated Zoom via LTI Pro last semester (lets say

Each semester we make an archive of the semester and change the adress as and install new semester with new moodle as again. On LTI Pro key config page, I changed approved domains as

This semester again I made the lti configuration with DİFFERENT lti key and secret because I thought that even though the website addrress is the same as key and secret were different in the last semester and everything should be ok because the same part is only approved domains part which is again.

But we have informed that if a course in this semester has the same course id in archived semester, in cloud recordings part people see last semester’s recording of the course which has same course id on moodle.

What should we do to prevent people see other course’s (not eve related courses) cloud recordings.

I think there should be distinction on lti key between two semesters.

If you need I can provide more information.

Thanks in advance,


No error message but functionality has problem.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Moodle LTI Pro

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context

Hey @mteker ,

Great question. Let me check with our LTI Pro experts to see what the best solution is here. To confirm, you are using the LTI Pro app?


Hi @tommy ,

Yes we are using LTI Pro app by Zoom.


Hey @mteker ,

Thanks for sharing this feedback, our LTI Pro experts are looking into this. I will provide you will an update soon. (ZOOM-259241)


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