Managing a meeting/event with 200 attendees?

Hi all. I’m not a developer at all, but it doesn’t seem Zoom has a community or forum for these kinds of questions, and here seems to be the most fitting.

I have an upcoming event with 200 participants. At some point during the event, the participants will need to be placed into specific breakout rooms.

There will be 6x breakout rooms, each of which will be a ‘workshop’ 01 - 06. When it comes time to go into the breakout rooms, 30 specific people will need to go into Workshop 01. Another set of 30 specific people will need to go into Workshop 02 etc.

The problem is, since Zoom invites are based on a single url, and I can not invite people via email or a unique join url & auto assign display names to those etc. I have no control over what people will call themselves, be it their real names or ‘my iphone’ etc etc. So therefore I have no way of knowing who should go into which breakout room. I also can’t enforce registration/athentication as we’re not able to get them to use their personal email addresses.

In an ideal world, I would have 6x invite urls, each of which would be either ‘linked’ to a breakout room, or have a display name attached to it. Then I could just send the correct url to the correct participant.

Is that possible? If not, what’s the best way of doing this?

Hi @saxon,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great question. Since this isn’t an API specific question, I’ll kindly ask you to reach out to our Technical Support team directly regarding this—they’ll be best suited to help you with this.

You can reach out to them here.


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