Fostering diversity in breakouts based on external registration?

Overview: We’ve developed a unique event ticketing platform, similar to Eventbrite but with a focus on fostering diversity in perspectives during events. Our platform is primarily used by hosts who want to create breakout groups based on specific attributes (like country or department) gathered during registration.

Challenge: We’re exploring the best approach to integrate with Zoom to support dynamic assignment of participants to breakout rooms based on these attributes. We’re contemplating various methods - OAuth integration, SDK, API, or a dedicated Zoom App. Additionally, we’re unsure if SSO could play a role in this setup for a seamless experience (register/login to our platform, just click the meeting link, and auto-auth in; ideally also supplying us with any data we need to identify/enable the following workflow?).

Desired Workflow:

  1. An organization lists an event on our platform.
  2. Zoom meeting details are generated (using either their account or ours).
  3. Attendees register through our platform, providing specific attributes.
  4. The host might pre-assign certain individuals (e.g., VIPs) but primarily will rely on automatic assignment based on attendee attributes.
  5. Given that actual attendance may vary, with no-show or last-minute joiners, the host needs a flexible system to adjust or create breakout assignments on the fly, aiming for maximum diversity in each group.

Limitations: Zoom’s current pre-assignment feature has restrictions we’re looking to overcome, particularly the requirement for participants to have and be logged into a Zoom account. The only workaround we can think of is to try appending their unique @handle (from our platform) to their username, disallowing participants from renaming themselves, and GetBOUserName() and extracting the @handle and using that to identify/sync to our system.


  • Is any part of our desired integration feasible with Zoom’s current capabilities?
  • What would be the starting point for such an integration?
  • Are there any known applications or tools that partially solve this puzzle?
  • We’re open to complex solutions and are ready to invest in development. Are there developers or agencies with relevant experience interested in this project?

Looking forward to any insights, suggestions, or collaboration offers. Thank you for your time and looking forward to building a future along with Zoom where people listen more to each other and diverse perspectives! :slight_smile: