Managing Conflicts in settings

Hi Everyone.
An User can have different roles assigned and can be in different groups. Roles can have some settings enabled which are disabled at the group level. An User can also have their own settings. Locking the settings makes it even more complex. How to resolve the conflicts among these settings?
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Hi @rupinder.goyal ,

This is a bit tricky. What is the behavior you’re seeing currently?

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
I am looking to fetch cloud recordings using the api and trying to find out who has the access to those recordings. What is the best way to resolve that?
There are different level of settings ( account , group , user and roles) to give the access to the cloud recordings and then there is a share button through which we can share the recording with some one.
This seems to be little complex to figure who has the access to which recording.

Hi @rupinder.goyal ,

At this time, there is no direct way to determine who has access to which recordings unless the recordings require registration (for on-demand recordings) or are password protected. I’m looking through a few of our endpoints and we do not have a field that directly identifies who access or has seen a particular recording.

If requiring registration, subscribe to the recording.registration_created webhhook to easily track who is signing up to see a recording.

I’ll do a bit more digging, but please let me know if this is helpful or more context needed.

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
I think registrations might not be possible in my case. It would be great if you could check a bit more.
And I have another question, Just like roles can be given the permission to view all the cloud recordings, does similar permission exist in group settings and account settings as well?

Hi @rupinder.goyal ,

I’ll see if there’s anything additional that’s possible but are you able to share why registration is ruled out?

Please see the following :slight_smile:

Update account settings: Zoom Meeting API

Update group settings: Zoom Meeting API

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
I am trying to find out who has the access to the cloud recordings ( the number of users having access can be very large) So asking them to register for every recording is tough.

Hi @rupinder.goyal ,

Cloud recording view and share settings can vary from recording to recording. For your usecase, have these view and share settings been pre-determined at a group and user level?

At the moment, there isn’t a way to view this information programmatically and at large scale. Read this support article for more info on how cloud recording settings are designed: