Marketplace App Approval

Hi there,

My team is building an app on Marketplace. Basically we will integrate Zoom with our product and allow users to import cloud recordings for later editing use. Currently we have the following concerns:

  1. How do we add individual paid accounts to be collaborators of the app? We noticed that once do so, those accounts will not be able to pay using the same billing info.
  2. For the redirect URL for OAuth, we put our test server address for both the development and production parts. Is it possible for us to submit the publish review using the test server address (this address won’t allow access by general users)? Or do we have to actually launch the feature and then submit for review? If that’s the case, before we get the approval from you, would users be able to use this feature without interruption?

Really hope to get some help here. Thanks.

Hi @VzdBP

Collaborators have to be users on the same account as this is one of the prerequisites.

The marketplace app approval team has to be able to test the production URL on order to grant approval so it needs to be there for submission. You can have limited app testers through the publishable url feature.

Hope this helps clarify things!