Marketplace application for creating/deleting meetings


We are developing an application to create/delete meetings for users in a Zoom account. I have several questions as follow:

  1. Do we need to use a paid plan (Pro or above) in order to use the API and test our application? Or can it be done on a free account as well? Can free users be added to a free account?
  2. How exactly do I link the application created in the Marketplace to the actual account? We have created an App and it does send us back an Authorisation token, but when we try to use it with API we receive an error about Invalid token. So if we can use a free account to test and use the API, where do we find the {accountId} parameter? Also do we need to publish the App in order to be able to test it on our actual account?

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Hey @tranvinhviet,

Depending on what endpoints you are using, you will need a pro account. For creating and deleting meetings a free plan will work. You need at least a pro account to add users to your account.

What do you mean link the application to the account?

Have you followed the steps here to call the API after getting an access token?

Why do you need the accountId value?

You can test the app on your own Zoom account without publishing to the marketplace. :slight_smile:


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Hey, tommy,

It was my misunderstanding. Thanks a lot for reply, it was really helpful.

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Happy to hear you got it sorted out! :slight_smile:


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