'Maximum per-second Rate Limit' Error(429) for API under Business Plan with 'Pending Downgrade' Status

Hello Zoom Developers,

I’ve been encountering an issue while calling the following API endpoint: [https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{user_id}/settings].

The error I receive is: “You have reached the maximum per-second rate limit for this API. Try again later.”

The account in question is subscribed to the Business Plan and is currently in a ‘pending downgrade’ status as I’ve initiated a process to reduce the number of paid users.

When checking the Rate Limit for the Medium API, the Business Plan should allow up to 60 calls per second. My program is designed to make no more than 10 calls per second, and I do not encounter this issue with any other accounts. The issue seems to be non-existent unless the account is a Free Plan.

Could there be a bug that treats the API Rate Limit as though the account is a Free Plan when a Business Plan account is in a ‘pending downgrade’ status?

I look forward to your insight and potential solutions. Thank you.