Meeting Change Data Capture

I need to create some automation based on Zoom meetings. Basically, whenever a meeting changes (i.e. added, updated or deleted) I need to take an action. The action will involve using the API to get the latest details on the changed meeting.

The part of taking the action via the API seems to be fine. However, the change detection part looks like a challenge. I looked at this from a few different angles…

The first approach I investigated was using an automation tool like Zapier. Looking at this tool’s Zoom data triggers, it detects new meetings but not updated meetings (not sure about deleted meetings). Other automation tools seemed to be the same in this regards, which makes think the limitation might be on the Zoom side rather than automation tool side. Not being able to detect updates is a show-stopper.

The other approach I took was to detect changes using the Zoom API. An easy way to do this would be to query create and change timestamps in the meeting metadata (although this doesn’t work for deletions). However, looking at the API, I see that Zoom has a create timestamp but no change timestamp, so changed meetings are not readily detectable. Foiled again.

This leaves only the third approach of dumping the entire set of meeting metadata and comparing it, meeting by meeting, to a previous dump ,and then extracting changes, i.e. basically doing a diff of all the meeting metadata. Needless to day, this is not easy and not efficient.

I’d appreciate any advice on getting around these problems. I’m wondering how this type of common automation is being done elsewhere. Thanks.

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Hi @aquarays,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Have you considered leveraging our Webhook to keep track of meeting changes? We have events that you can subscribe to for updates, deletion, etc.:

Let me know if this might be helpful.


Thanks Will! I’ll check that out.

No problem, glad I could help!

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