Meeting creation limit and few other questions

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Max, we have developed a proof of conept/POC in the last week. we were able to create meeting between two users with free account (using JWT tokens in an app). I am having few questions in terms of scale:
Quick background: Ours is a social platform, one of the features wiil allow users to request/create meeting with the other users.
With JWT token based approach, WE(platform) will create meetings, share start_url with UserX and join_url with UserY.
IMP# Above scenario is not working for me. Are we expecting UserX(set to ScheduleFor) to have Zoom account or is UserX supposed to be host of the meeting? Because, in my POC, unless UserX(ScheduleFor) is having Zoom account, I wasnt able to create the meeting. Would you please confirm this? We just want to create the meeting but dont want to be actual host of the meeting.

Question 1: Is the rate limiter applicable on Platform(us) or on User? We are going to create multiple meetings for different users. They might not be registered on Zoom. So, when I checked Zoom forum, I saw that meeting creation is applicable on users and not on (us). For eg. We(platform) CANT create more than 100 meeting requests for UserX but we can create more than 100 meeting requests(not for the same user though). Could you please confirm?

Question 2 We are not going to use OAuth now (not sur, POCs failure might expect us to have OAuth, still exploring) and we dont need meeting timing beyond 40 mins. With our POC, we were able to create meeting with BASIC account as well. Given this scenario, do you think we need Pro account? If yes, why exactly?

Question 3 On pricing page, it shows nothing(-),under BASIC account and in front of REST API, it shows nothing. This is little confusing. What is meaning of that? As I said earlier, we were able to create a meeting. It means APIs are working with BASIC account. Then how to interpret this?

Question 4: Is it possible to create multiple meetings simultaneously?

I would appreciate if you can spare some time to answer these questions, thanks in advance.

Hey @jayforu,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I appreciate the detail about the issue you’re encountering.

In order to create a meeting, you will need to designate a host on meeting creation. The best option here is likely to have a separate user that you use to create the meetings. Then you can enable Join Before Host for the meeting or set the user as an alternative host so that UserX can join or start the meeting.

That’s right, our Rate Limit for the Create a Meeting API is 100 Meetings Per User Per Day. So for each of your users, you can make 100 meetings each day.

You would only need a Pro or higher account for certain features like Cloud Recording and User Management. However, once you add a payment method to your account you should be able to user management with a Basic account.

With that being said, I do recommend a Pro plan or higher to avoid any issues when working with APIs that require licensed users. For instance, in order to use Schedule For you would want both users to be licensed.

While you can use the API with a Basic account, the functionality there is certainly limited functionality compared to paid accounts.

Not at this time, you’ll want to make the Create a Meeting API requests separately. If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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