Meeting Events via Webhook app to our on prem alerting system

We would like to create a webhook app that would send meeting events to our on prem alerting system capturing events such as call disconnects for our senior leadership team. My understanding of how this app would work is it would be implemented at the account level meaning everyone in our Zoom instance. Is there a way to scope what individuals this monitors by applying it to a single Zoom group?

No error message.

Webhook to our on prem Zabbix system.

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Hi @chaoticserenity,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question. Happy to help.

To that end, if you wish to receive Meeting Events, you’re correct in that you could subscribe to the following webhook for this kind of meeting alert:

If you wished to implement this at the account level, you could create an Account-Level OAuth App and add this event as one of the event subscriptions.

However, I’m afraid it’s not possible to designate only certain individuals for which to receive this alert. This alert would be triggered every time a service issue is encountered during a meeting that was scheduled by a user in your account.

Alternatively, you could create a User-Level OAuth App, and have only users you’re interested in receiving alerts for install the app. Meeting events for those users who have installed the app would be triggered to the endpoint specified in your app.

Let me know if this helps to clarify. :slight_smile:

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