Meeting goes to waiting state, when I use start_url from zoom create meeting api in all places(android SDK, web app, zoom app)

I have zoom business+ account,
I am starting zoom meeting using create meeting api, and when I use start_url from starting meeting it goes into waiting state every time, and after when I delete this user and create new it’s working fine for user

not able to start meeting with use of start_url

Which Endpoint/s?
Create meeting api POST /users/{userId}/meetings

Additional context
zoom userId = ;

Hi @adminwise,

This can happen if the user who the meeting was originally scheduled under has been altered or deleted.

I don’t see an active user under the ID that you had shared—can you confirm they’re still active?


Users are deleted once they no longer need to conduct meetings.
Scheduled: We do not create meetings of type schedule. We use instant meeting.
Please let us know the further details.

Hi @adminwise,

Can you share a screenshot of the message you’re seeing when accessing the start_url?


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