Meeting host and participants seem to land in different meeting instances

We have been having increased reports of members(meeting participants) continuing to wait for the host to start while the host is waiting for the participants to join. It feels like they are in two separate meetings for whatever reason.

I have seen this in standalone meetings a couple of times on a given day. (Nothing to do with the Zoom integration).

So it has been fairly easy to isolate it to be a Zoom issue. It almosts feels like people land up in two separate meetings.

In my case, I had to drop and relaunch the meeting to join the right one. GIven the short window of our sessions, this is not a viable option for long.

Today, is facing issues.

Issue was with Zoom session ID:

Which App?
Zoom app

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  1. At times, Participants and Hosts join the app but are unable to see each other.

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I can see that your concern has been raised with our Technical Support team via email—they will be best suited to look into this for you and will follow up with you directly shortly.

Thank you