Meeting name in title of Zoom window


It would be great if there would be an option to have the name of the meeting in the title of the Zoom Window in Desktop version.

Now, it’s showing only “Zoom Meetings”, but it would help to say “Zoom Meetings - {MeetingName}”.

For a supervisor that needs to get in meetings all the time as an assistant, it would be really useful to know right away where are we holding.



I’d like this functionality too - for time tracking applications which try to work out what you’re doing by reading the current foreground window title, this would really help. I use Timing on my Mac for this, and currently all of my Zoom meetings just get lumped together as “Zoom Meeting”, and I have to cross-check my schedule to find out what the meeting was, which is quite irritating, whereas if the meeting name was in the title, Timing could assign it automatically.

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I can only second this request.
Not to have a dedicated Title of the meeting his is even a major drawback for me when using zoom.
Any news on if, how and when this could be implemented?

The only way to see this is if you use the zoom phone app. Another option is to connect your google calendar to zoom to at least have a record of meeting names with quick access.

This would be such a useful feature to have, even if it’s off by default but you’d have the option to turn it on in the preferences … such a no-brainer, can’t think of a reason not to? :thinking:

This is not currently a feature in the Zoom desktop version, may be zoom mobile app.

When you are in a Zoom meeting, if you click the Green Shield icon in the upper left corner, the meeting details, including the title, will display.

When you are in a Zoom meeting, if you click the Green Shield icon in the upper left corner, the meeting details, including the title, will display.

Thanks, @christine.miller, I’m indeed using that feature already, but it’s often too late at that point!

Lemme explain! :smiley:

So I will sometimes find myself “alone” in a Zoom meeting, wondering where everyone else who accepted the invite is hanging out … only to realise I must’ve clicked the wrong meeting to join in the “Meetings” tab of the main Zoom window. :man_facepalming:

Checking the Zoom meeting details via the Green Shield icon, as you offered, indeed confirms I joined the wrong meeting … again! :sweat_smile:

Displaying the meeting name in the title bar of the zoom window would be a handy, visual reminder/confirmation of the meeting you joined, to avoid having to embarrassingly explain why you’re several minutes late, once you’ve joined the “actual” meeting you were supposed to join.

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I’ll check that, great suggestion, Eliza! But if that’s indeed the case, then it’s all the more reason to do it in the desktop version as well, as clearly there is a viable precedent! :slight_smile:

Agree this would make time tracking much easier. I wonder if there’s a way to find the currently active zoom meeting via some kind of applescript code or similar.

I’m glad this has already been requested.

My whole company uses Zoom. There are so many ways to join a Zoom meeting, this flexibility has meant that it is very easy to join the wrong meeting without any indication that you have done.
The amount of times I have heard of someone joining the wrong meeting by mistake and not knowing it is amazing.

I am aware that you can see the meeting Id through clicking the green shield, but this is a very manual process:

  • click the green shield
  • get the meeting Id
  • open up the meeting in either zoom or Google calendar
  • Compare the two Ids

Identifying which meeting you’re in is very clunky process and the amount of time lost by not having the right people in meetings at the right time is significant.

This seems like it is a low hanging golden apple that would make a lot of peoples lives a lot easier.

Yes! I just had a Zoom meeting open for the entire class I was teaching and didn’t realize until later that it was the wrong Zoom meeting, so my absent students were unable to join us. It seems like it would be very easy to replace “Zoom Meeting” at the top of the screen with the actual meeting name. I can’t understand why this hasn’t already been done years ago.