Meeting name in title of Zoom window


It would be great if there would be an option to have the name of the meeting in the title of the Zoom Window in Desktop version.

Now, it’s showing only “Zoom Meetings”, but it would help to say “Zoom Meetings - {MeetingName}”.

For a supervisor that needs to get in meetings all the time as an assistant, it would be really useful to know right away where are we holding.



I’d like this functionality too - for time tracking applications which try to work out what you’re doing by reading the current foreground window title, this would really help. I use Timing on my Mac for this, and currently all of my Zoom meetings just get lumped together as “Zoom Meeting”, and I have to cross-check my schedule to find out what the meeting was, which is quite irritating, whereas if the meeting name was in the title, Timing could assign it automatically.

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I can only second this request.
Not to have a dedicated Title of the meeting his is even a major drawback for me when using zoom.
Any news on if, how and when this could be implemented?

The only way to see this is if you use the zoom phone app. Another option is to connect your google calendar to zoom to at least have a record of meeting names with quick access.