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We are using JWT API to run zoom meeting on EDVAY LMS. Recently we procured 5 seperate monthly subscriptions and generated JWT APIs and integrated in above mentioned LMS. 4 APIs are working perfectly fine, One API associated with Email: has some concerns.
Issue is: when we schedule the meeting on LMS, the meeting ID and Password will get sent to email, though entering the correct Meeting ID and Password, it shows a screen saying Wrong Passcode.

Had a chat with with Zoom support, they redirected us to reachout to developer on forum.

Wrong Passcode

** JWT**

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Let me know, if access required, i will share the LMS access on email.

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Here is the screen capture video of the same:
Video 1: Edvay

Hi @abilash.p,

Where are you getting the Meeting ID and password from? Are you pulling this directly from the Create Meeting API response?

If so, have you tried joining the meeting from the Zoom Client to see if that works (to help narrow down the issue)?

Let me know—thanks!

Yes! we are pulling this directly from the Create Meeting API response.

def get_zoom_meeting_url(api_key, api_secret, title, password):
client = ZoomClient(api_key, api_secret, version=2)
user_list_response = client.user.list()
user_list = json.loads(user_list_response.content)

for user in user_list['users']:
	user_id = user['id']
	req_param = {'topic': title, 'type': 1, 'password': password}
	params = {"user_id": user_id, "topic": title, "type": 1, "password": password}
	meeting = client.meeting.create(**params)
	# requests.Response
	response = json.loads(meeting.text)
	join_url = response['join_url']
	meeting_id = response['id']
return join_url, meeting_id

Above is the snippet that we are using for creating meetings in zoom.
It is working for other APIs, but not for this particular API.

Tried joining the meeting from the Zoom client, it works!

Hi @abilash.p,

Thank you for confirming.

Can I kindly ask that you share the details of the specific meeting id and the passcode being used with us at developersupport@zoom.us? This will help us to take a closer look.


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