Recording_start/end showing wrong datetime in recording.completed webhook

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Webhook: recording.completed

We noticed that there is a case where recording_end - recording_start does not correspond with recorded mp4 length.

    "payload": {
        "object": {
            "uuid": "koo1YimESBGJ1vPZCwPWhg==",
            "id": 94581464849,
            "recording_files": [
                    "id": "e29d5ed5-2577-40fb-8302-a7e3b24eb167",
                    "meeting_id": "koo1YimESBGJ1vPZCwPWhg==",
                    "recording_start": "2022-11-04T07:57:28Z",
                    "recording_end": "2022-11-04T08:32:32Z",
                    "status": "completed",
                    "recording_type": "shared_screen_with_gallery_view"
            "on_prem": false
    "event_ts": 1667551223161,
    "event": "recording.completed"

recording_end - recording_start: 35:04
recorded mp4 length: 31:25

Why do recording_end - recording_start and recorded mp4 length differ?
They seem to correspond with each other in most cases.

How To Reproduce

I raised this same question at support.zoom