Meeting sdk 2.10.1 unable to join from browser error

Meeting SDK Type and Version
meeting sdk 2.10.1

Can’t launch meeting sdk on my website or locally on the development

errorMessage:Unable join from browser, please join using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app,
method: join,

Which version?
meeting sdk 2.10.1

APP type
Meeting SDK app. not published and I provided all required links

I’m generating signature with php

same issue in the below link

Hi Khadija, I’ll PM you to check your JWT token

Meanwhile, could you share the code sample used to generate the token?

        // $sdkSercet is Client Secret in my sdk app
        $timeNow = time();
        $duration = 60*60;

        $payload = [
            "appKey" => $sdkKey, // client id in my sdk app
            "sdkKey" => $sdkKey, // client id in my sdk app
            "mn" => $meetingNumber,
            "role" => $role, // 1 or 0
            "iat" => $timeNow,
            "exp" => $timeNow + $duration,
            "tokenExp" => $timeNow + $duration,
        $signature = \Firebase\JWT\JWT::encode($payload, $sdkSercet, 'HS256');

@developeraya ,

did you have this setting turn on in your zoom account settings?

no its turned off

are you shure, that your variable name “$sdkSercet” is spelled eyerywhere the same way?

you can check your signature here →