Meeting SDK Bots ( declined due to missing app publishing altough submission is in review

Hello Zoom Team.
We have issues with our recording bots. All of our bots are declined because our Meeting SDK app is not published yet but is in review. We are using to handle all of the bot functionality and it was said that as long as we start the Review process the bots should be working normally. However a lot of our paying customers are experiencing the issue that the bot is being declined with the code “zoom_sdk_app_not_published”.
This is extremely critical to our company and we would appreciate it if someone could help us out her as soon as possible!
Thank you

@gerald.zankl Hope, you will be fine.

I am here to provide services about your bot app publishment & alternative solutions until app got approved.

Connect me (WhatsApp) by clicking my profile image.


Unfortunately we missed the Submission Deadline on Dec 15. because we were stuck in the domain validation step as we encountered issues with the automatic validation. Therefore we had to reach out to Suppport to validate it manually but we only got a response from Zoom Support on Dec 16. and where able to validate the domain and submit on Dec 20.
Is there any chance you could whitelist us again so our customers can use our service normally again?
@benjamin.tice @abe.queen @michael.zoom @elisa.zoom

Hello @gerald.zankl

Unfortunately, the deadline to submit for review has already passed.
Please ensure that all requirements are met when you submit your app for review and work with the reviewer directly via the notes section if any issues are communicated to you in the review:

Hi @yoon.conner
thanks for the response!
Is there anything we can do in the meantime to get our bots working again while the App is in review? We already have paying customers who depend on our services and this is very critical to us. Especially as we had everything ready for submission of our app on 12th of december and were only delayed by the manual domain verification process.

Hello @gerald.zankl please add your concern directly to the ‘release note for reviewer’ field in your app submission so that the reviewer will see this context.