Meeting SDK with self-hosted Zoom instance

Hi! I have to use Meeting SDK with self-hosted Zoom instance.
Сan you please advise how to get self-hosted instance?
Also please advise how to link Web application Meeting SDK with own self-hosted instance?


Thank you for posting on the Zoom Developer Forum. To start, could you please elaborate on what you were looking to accomplish? By providing more details about your specific goals and requirements, we can better understand your needs and provide targeted assistance.

Additionally, could you please provide further clarification on what you mean by a self-hosted instance of the Meeting SDK? Understanding your specific use case and requirements will help us provide more accurate and relevant guidance.

A business wants to organize communication between participants via Zoom on its platform (web application and mobile application). And for fault tolerance, it would like to deploy a Zoom instance on the business side.

By Zoom instance I mean a server that will serve streaming and communication of participants.

Thanks for the reply! As a first step, you will want to contact sales: Contact Sales | Zoom

That team will help with the enablement steps for Zoom On-Premise deployment.

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