Microhpone Mute Status not Syncing with hardware

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Windows Meeting SDK, v5.12.2.9319 & v5.11.11.8475

Microphone mute status in Zoom is not being synced with Logitech Meetup or Jabra headset devices.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Pressing Hardware’s mute button shows mute light on device, and Zoom UI button for Mic switches to indicate muted.
  2. Pressing the Zoom UI button, changes the Zoom UI button to muted and the hardwares mute light should show mute light.

In case 1, Zoom UI does not change to reflect the current mute state of the device.
In case 2, the Hardware does not change to reflect the current mute state of the Zoom UI.

The Zoom desktop app does perform the synching properly.
We previously were on Meeting SDK, which also behaved properly.

Troubleshooting Routes
Reproduced in Demo app,
After joining meeting.
Calling the AudioSettingContext.IsSyncButtonsOnHeadsetEnabled returns true.
Then call AudioSettingContext.EnableSyncButtonsOnHeadset(true) returns SDKErr_Success
Call again AudioSettingContext.IsSyncButtonsOnHeadsetEnabled returns true(again)

Test the Zoom UI button to mute mic doesn’t indicate state change on the button (the UI does reflect the change)
Test the Microphone mute button, the device indicates state changed, but the Zoom UI does not reflect the change.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
OAuth and retrieve a ZAK.
Start or Join meeting(both reproduce the same)
Try to use a mute button and note the lack of synch between device and meeting UI.