Missing app type selection

I am unable to create SDK app because I don’t have selection of app type
First, I was able to create server-to-server app according to instructions (to be able to use API), and that worked. But then I realized I also need an SDK app (to be able to use Javascript).
I tried to follow the instructions here Meeting SDK - Developer Accounts and also found a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMIXcLlBwZ0&t=278s
The problem is that I am not getting that screen to select an app type. When I click “Build App” - it just opens (and creates) a “General app” which does not have “App credentials” section.
I thought maybe it was because it allows only one app type, so I deleted the server-to-server app, but this didn’t change anything.

In a mentioned video, I have spotted a URL to the screen, so I entered it into the address bar, but that shown a popup with selection between “General app” and “Server to server oAuth app” only.

Can anyone help please?

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. Login to zoom marketplace
2. Click “Develop” - “Build App”
Expected result: show selection of app type, including SDK
Actual result: General app created

Hello @ext-igor.kirtak,

Once you create a general app, please select the ‘Embed’ tab which will allow you to enable Meeting SDK for your app.


Yes, I have this on, I actually spent quite a o lot of time playing with various options in that general app. I still don’t have the SDK key or secret anywhere.

I am also not sure that this “General app” is what I need to use at all. It has a lot of required things, like icon, image, privacy policy URL, etc - I have no idea how to fill those and why. Because of it, I am not able to submit it. I can fill those with some dummy values, but do you think it makes sense?

Hello @ext-igor.kirtak

I suggest checking out our SDK article here: Meeting SDK Auth

  • “If you do not see an SDK Key and SDK Secret on your Meeting SDK app credentials page, use the Client ID and Client Secret to generate the Meeting SDK JWT (use either development or production credentials).”

  • " Zoom’s API License Terms of Use prohibit third-party use of your app unless it has been published to the Zoom App Marketplace or you have received prior written approval from Zoom. See Publishing apps for details."

If your app is intended for joining external meetings (those created by Zoom users outside of your account), it’ll need to be published on our Marketplace.


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