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We currently have multiple JWT apps under sub accounts all with an event subscription that is setup to listen for the five events - Meeting Started, Meeting Ended, Recording Started, Recording Stopped and Recording Completed. For the following Meeting, ***********, we received all the callbacks except Recording Completed. We are wondering why we didn’t get this callback? Is there a place where we can check for this?

App Type: JWT App with Webhooks

Let me know what other information is needed.

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @kupadhyaya,

The recording completed webhook could take some time to send depending on how long the recording was.

Did you get the webhook since you posted this? If not, I will look into the logs and see why it did not send.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for getting back to me. I checked again and do not see that we received or processed a ‘Recording Completed’ event for this meeting.


Thanks @kupadhyaya,

Our engineering team is looking into this. I will get back to you with an update (ZOOM-147991)


Thanks Tommy, any update on this? We had another instance of this, where we didn’t get the Recording Completed or Recording Stopped events for the meeting below? Is there any other places we can check or find out to see what is going on? This is a critical issue for us, as it impacting the downstream functionality in our systems, when our services are not getting notified of these events.



We actually identified an issue in our service after we added additional logging. It doesn’t look like we are missing the callbacks, there were issues processing some of them, so it looked as though we didn’t receive them. We are continuing to see additional callbacks in some cases and still trying to figure out why we are getting them. There is a separate post open for that issue.


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Happy to hear you figured out the issue. :slight_smile:

For the duplicate webhooks, I will address that in your other post.


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