Missing scopes for Server to Server apps


I’m trying to create an internal Server to Server app, which needs to have the contact_center_recording:read:admin scope.

However, I’m unable to select this scope in the app settings - it’s simply not listed. The closest one is recording:read:admin , but that isn’t what I need.

If I instead choose to create a “normal” app, that scope is indeed listed.

Why is this scope not available for a Server-to-Server apps?

Server to Server oAuth apps are aligned to the owner of that app. For Contact Center, it is required to have a Contact Center license to access the Contact Center data. Can you check if the Server to Server oAuth app owner has a Contact Center license? This user will also need to have access to the data, via the Contact Center Management > Roles configuration.

This step is not required for standard oAuth apps, because those apps grant data to users that authorize the app, instead of the user that created/owns the app. For standard oAuth apps, the user that installs your app would need to have a Contact Center license/role configuration.

Thank you Justin, a missing license was indeed the problem.

Does that also mean that a license needs to be maintained for the app owner during the lifetime of the app? I.e. will the scopes be removed if the license is removed?

Yes, it is required to have a license to access ZCC admin configurations and analytics/log data.