Mixpanel not working for Windows users in Zoom App

I have a Zoom App in the marketplace and would like to use Mixpanel to collect data at an aggregate about usage. I’ve deployed the code and added the Mixpanel url to the Domain Allow List in our app configuration. When I added the new URL, it did not prompt me to re-submit for review and it appeared with a Green Check Mark and an Allowed text.

What we’re observing now is that we get analytics from OSX users, but not Windows.

I’m trying to troubleshoot, so my first question is about the Domain Allow List.

Does adding a new domain require re-submission and re-authorization of our users?

And is there a limitation in the Windows version of the browser being used for Zoom Apps?

My understanding is that a change to the domain allow list would require re-authorization of the app and due to that it would also require re-submission to push those changes out on a published app.

Interestingly, it sounds like it just worked on MacOS. I expect that you had to re-authorize the app after adding the domain, correct?

I would verify that you are using production credentials. If you’re using development credentials, then you would only need to re-authorize the app which may be why we’re seeing this behavior.

When it comes to Windows, are you seeing any errors? I would expect errors related to the domain being blocked by the client.