Mobile SDK stucks

Trying to launch on both IOS, Android, and sometimes zoom stucks on ‘OnJoinMeetingComfirmed()’ and recall the function with no meeting started or video showed.
I have no errors. and after sometimes it works.

Which version?
current version: latest version

Hey @issam.abo,

Thank you for using the dev forum!

Can you please supply:

  • The code you are using
  • The SDK version
  • The device
  • Reproduction steps
  • Screenshots if possible

So that we can further assist you?



The SDK version = v 5.0.24433.0616
The device = iPhone 6s+
Screenshots if possible = -
The code you are using = code from sample project provided by zoom

Reproduction steps:

  • when we join a meeting, nothing works, we are stuck at “OnJoinMeetingComfirmed()”. we can’t do anything there. if we close the meeting and open the meeting again => it works.

sometimes it works without any other issue. without the need to leave the meeting and join the meeting again.

Hey @issam.abo

Are you seeing a loading indicator on the screen when it gets stuck?
Are waiting rooms enabled?