Mobile web browsers are not supported on the web video sdk?

I had done initial integration with the instant web video sdk… However, we got stuck using this since it had no audio support on mobile iOS … I was told in this thread Customizable Web SDK (Audio Receive Browser Support for Safari 11+ / iOS 13+) status that it was something hopefully that would get updated in upcoming releases and to monitor the version change log notes…

Now im confused…

I have done a review of the change log and have not found any release notes yet that reflect that this audio should be supported and in addition now on the official zoom page ( the browser support matrix says, “Mobile web browsers are not supported.”

Please confirm…

  1. Will the Web Video SDK never have mobile web browser support certified by Zoom?
  2. Will the Web Video SDK also never get audio support for mobile ?

Just want to be aligned with Zoom and the current/upcoming dev roadmap for this product.

Thank you!

Hey @jremi ,

We are currently working on full official mobile support. Stay updated here:


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