Multi recording

I have a website apkdudes in which I need to give knowledge about different app to different members at the same time . can web meeting SDK help me to do this possible?

Greetings, @apkdude,

Welcome to the Developer Forum – I am happy to assist! Before diving in, can you give me a little more content on the situation? Specifically, can you describe how your system will act and what data are you looking to share with different members using the Web meeting SDK ?

For reference, here is the Zoom namespace which contains all of the methods you can leverage with web meeting SDK :

This information will help to provide more personalized support and guidance. I will keep an eye out for your reply.


Generally, experts say a four or eight-track recorder will be enough for most recording scenarios. Next, “take a look at the kinds of inputs the multitrack recorder offers,” DeLay says. Most will feature quarter-inch line inputs, and some will feature dedicated instrument level and/or XLR microphone inputs. May Be This Thread Is Helpful for your problem

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