Multiple Meeting with same business account

I am from edu tech start up. We have multiple students under a mentor. We want to create a system by which each student can schedule a meeting with mentor. For this One to One meeting I want to add mentor as alternate host. What i understand from api documentation is that I need to add mentor to my business account using /users POST api. At the moment I am adding them as Basic and doing a custCreate. While creating meeting with this newly added user I get this error –

{‘code’: 1115, ‘message’: ‘ is not a paid user.’}

does my every custCreate user which can host a meeting need to be Pro user? Could you guys help, I asked in support chat but they did not have full information.

If I had to add each of mentor as Pro user will that be adding to my cost of business account?

Hey @richamathur, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Here is information about using custCreate:

Yes, the cost per pro user is listed here:

Depending on how you want your application to work, you can either add all the students and mentors to the same Zoom Master Account, or you can have them use their personal accounts.

However, if you are not limited to the free features, you can use all free users to accomplish the mentor : student meetings.


thanks @tommy!

So lets say I have Pro account with 4 hosts.

I created a custCreate Basic user, using its id, I created a meeting(using same jwt token as my pro account). Now this meeting is being hosted by custCreated user. Now does this user meeting come under Pro account, mean to say can it go beyond 40 mins, have more than 4 participants and can I do cloud recording?

PS: all these actions are happening through apis.

Happy to help @richamathur!

If the host of the meeting is a basic user, then the meeting can’t go beyond 40 minutes.

Does that answer your question?


yup it does, what about cloud recording?

is there a way for basic user to do cloud recording using master account?

Hey @richamathur,

For cloud recording, the host of the meeting would need to have a Pro or above plan.